organic and symbiotic farming

Winner of the Culture Award 2014 of the canton of Graubünden for its many years of activity in the field of organic farming and sustainable resource management as well as its commitment to the preservation of variety in Graubünden

organic and symbiotic farmig

Affiliated to the inn, we operate on site an ecological, symbiotic self-supply agriculture. As a result, the food offered, taking account of cultivation, harvest, storage, processing, transport, sale and disposal, cause only low CO2 equivalents. The water used for this purpose does not represent an environmental burden in our region and land consumption for organic food production is desired in the mountain area.
Through ecological, symbiotic self-sufficiency agriculture based on old crops and endangered livestock breeds, we preserve and promote biodiversity, which is important for nature and human health.

food production

Most of the production is done by hand with minimal use of machines. We completely refrain from using energy-intensive, mineral nitrogen fertilizers and instead rely on in-house fertilizers. We control pests by cultivating mixed cultures, by dinging or by mechanical means. But also the large biodiversity that we have offers offers protection against crop failures and the susceptibility to pests and diseases of plants and animals.
Together with ProSpecieRara and the Association for Alpine Crops, we are committed to preserving the diversity of species and varieties of domestic livestock breeds and crops. In addition to the lettuce, vegetables, cereals, fruits, flowers, cheese and meat production for our farm, we, as variety managers of ProSpecieRara, multiply and preserve many forgotten vegetables and some endangered species for future generations.
We also operate our kitchen gardens as a ProSpecieRara variety garden and regularly organize garden tours for our guests. Areas of the Bergbauerngarten are accessible. Most crops are labeled.

food processing

We produce dried, cured, smoked, sterilized foods, house mustard, sourdough bread or even cheese, schnapps mash, juices, vinegar and much more. Our vegetables are stored in large burrows. Just as it must be in an organic self-sufficient agriculture.

sale of food

All food is directly delivered to the plates of our guests. The quality and the taste are unique.
We also process a few products to small gifts. So the guests can take home a little memory.


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