guesthouse and food

Winner of the Culture Award 2014 of the canton of Graubünden for its many years of activity in the field of organic farming and sustainable resource management as well as its commitment to the preservation of variety in Graubünden

Built in 1932 in traditional knitting construction wooden house stands on elevated position surrounded by our cottage gardens. In the immediate vicinity  the animals graze next to old stables. The scenery is rounded off by the company's own high-stem trees.

You will be personally looked after by us during your visit. This will give you an insight into a forgotten, rural way of life and work. Many of the resulting works are done consciously, following tradition, by hand.

Mother Earth gives us such unique products that our guests can enjoy. The food is served in the quiet and natural ambience of the inn.

The food embodies authenticity and expresses our culinary, ecological and ethical views.

We set a signal against the progressive spread of Fast and Convenience Food with its industrially prefabricated unitary products and the concomitant loss of food culture and the variety of flavors.

Here in Maria-Licht, the food is grown by hand, following the principles of organic and symbiotic farming.

Our products are old, endangered crops and animal breeds. In addition, many wild herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits are used in our kitchen.

The food is seasonal, fresh starting from the raw material, cooked in the house and baked.

We are happy to inform you about our current offers and prices.

With your visit, you support the sustainable, organic production of food in the mountain region and our efforts to conserve old, regional crops and animal breeds.

Our prices correspond to the normal market for handcrafted and organically grown, endangered food of the alpine region. We do not receive public money, but live exclusively from the sale of our products!

Through our life and work model, we show a viable way of living successfully and independently in alpine peripheral regions without financial support from the public sector. We live on and with nature, the crops and farm animals that surround us and accompany us every day. Thus we preserve and develop the indigenous flora and fauna. Our commitment produces plant varieties and animal breeds that are ideally adapted to the local climatic conditions. In doing so, we always pay attention to the natural life basics. We protect water, soil and air.


For sun worshipers is always a large terrace with wonderful views of the valley of the young Rhine available. In the warm seasons, a beautiful garden invites you to linger.

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