sponsorships - benefactors

Winner of the Culture Award 2014 of the canton of Graubünden for its many years of activity in the field of organic farming and sustainable resource management as well as its commitment to the preservation of variety in Graubünden


In order to be able to continue our way of life and work while preserving the gastronomic responsibility, we are in urgent need of support for infrastructure maintenance. As we seek financial independence from the banking world, we are also open to discuss other ways of raising finance. Do not hesitate to contact us. thank you very much.

We thank Mrs Theresia Niederberger from Hergiswil for her generous support.

The energetic commitment of Schweizer Berghilfe is crucial for the continued existence of our estate. Many Thanks.

Energetic renovation by 2019
As announced last December, we intend to convert all of Hospezi's energy from fossil energy sources to renewable resources. The project is to be implemented by the end of 2019. To achieve this, we want to implement a solar, wood and possibly wind-based energy production concept. Thanks to the active support of Roger Weber, lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, we have already come many steps closer to a technical solution. We will keep you informed about further progress in due course. If you have helpful ideas or relationships for the realization of such projects, we are grateful for any advice or support.

animal or plant sponsorship

Together with ProSpecieRara and the Association for Alpine Crops, we are committed to preserving the diversity of species and varieties of domestic livestock breeds and crops.


If you want to help us preserving endangered creatures, support us with a sponsorship.

The sponsorship for one year costs:

Grisons radiant goat and Capra grigia                                                     Fr. 150.00

Grison sheep                                                                                                      Fr. 150.00

Mangaliza wooly pigs                                                                               Fr. 150.00

White Swiss Chicken                                                                                       Fr.   50.00

Cultivated plant                                                                                                 Fr.   50.00

As a thank you, you will receive annually
a small gift during your stay at Hospezi.

For detailed information call or email us.


Existing sponsorships for the year 2016/17

The cock Caruso alias Luke Skywalker is financially supported in his daily work by Philippe Schreier from Lotzwil.

The best dairy goat Luna receives support from Brigitte Düring

The woolly pig Ben can count on Peter Gysi.

The laying and brood hen Lisi is at the side of Shelly Düring.

Malcolm Ernest Sturdy-Murk are responsible for ensuring that our laying and breeding hen Barblina continue to perform their esteemed services next year. Your area of ​​responsibility includes the milk goat Flurina.

The Capra Grigia goat Selina and her daughter Selma are very grateful for the financial support of Marianne and Ulrich Michel from Conters.

Thanks to the benevolent help of two very gracious and dedicated Emmentalists, the Mira Wool Pig and the Louise Radiant will continue to delight our minds and our palates.

Tanja Büsser's exceptional commitment in many areas of our work also helps the Graubünden Oberland sheep Silvy and the Swiss chicken Tanja to make a dignified existence possible.

Thomas Trüb is the highly esteemed goddess of the still young and wild goat Primavara.

Thanks to Felici Casaulta we can continue to enjoy the white Radiesli called icicles.

Without the financial support of Gabriela Casaulta, the beloved sharpness of the red devils, a very hot spiced paprika, would be sorely missed in our kitchen.

With their valuable contribution, Monika, Emmi, Beth, Fränzi, Sep and the two Brigitte from the Restaurant Schäfli Team in Uznach continue to allow us to grow the sugar root, the gommer pea, the scallion, the carrot, the monstrance bean, the mountain aubergine and the ox heart tomato.

Margrit Müller helps to preserve the oat root.

Fortunately, Célia Aeschimann makes an important contribution to the preservation of the stachys in our vegetable basket. She is also godmother of our goat Leia

Rolf Krieg allows the two-colored border of Chioggia to continue to live in our gardens.

The early tomato Quedlinburger early love will continue to live thanks to the generous support of Conni Kuhles.

Fortunately, Ursula and Theresa Ecoffey from Oberwil are supporting the cultivation of the Lötschental broad bean and strawberry spinach.

Regula and Arthur Herd have taken over for their granddaughters Jannice, Lorine and Timea the sponsorship of a Bündner Strahlgeissli. Many Thanks.

Our dear friend Regula Bichsel is the godmother of the young goat Rägi and the white Swiss chicken Frieda.

Juliana Hausheer helps us look after the Swiss chickens Anna and Berta

The Capra Grigia goat Fänzi can count on the support of Franziska Bachmann.

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