Winner of the Culture Award 2014 of the canton of Graubünden for its many years of activity in the field of organic farming and sustainable resource management as well as its commitment to the preservation of variety in Graubünden

Activities and excursions in our vicinity

These are attractions of our valley, which are well worth a visit. Most places are easily accessible by train, post bus and on foot. Of course, we will help you with words and deeds as well as information material to put together an interesting holiday program in summer as well as in winter.

Five ski areas in the immediate vicinity: Flims-Laax (journey: 25 minutes); Obersaxen (arrival: 25 min.); Sedrun (access: 20 minutes); Disentis (access: 10 minutes); Brigels (arrival: 10 minutes)

On site there is a short children's ski lift, a natural ice rink, an extensive cross-country ski trail with night lighting and snowshoe trails. Along the Rhine, a cultural path was created with countless works of art.

In the summer months Trun is a suitable starting point for hikes or bike tours. In the vicinity there are several golf courses available.

In the nearby, picturesque Schlans live our dear friends Najat and Silvio. The Pfisters live together with their horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens and dogs in a harmonious and nature-loving way. The conservation of endangered livestock breeds and crops is our common concern.

Not from the place, but from the mentality close to us is Tanja Büsser from Uznach. She also takes her gastronomic responsibilities very seriously in her restaurant Schäfli ( and thus supports innumerable small food producers from all over Switzerland. Always worth a visit!


Thermal bath Vals, bath in Sedrun, bath in Laax,

Regional Museum Ilanz, Disentis Monastery Museum,

Art exhibition in Cuort Ligia Grischa, Trun

Bathing lake and indoor swimming pool and wellness bath Sedrun, bathing lake Davos Munts in the Val Lumnezia, lake Fontanivas in Disentis, Lake Cauma in Flims, swimming pool Ilanz

Castle Jörgenberg and ruins Kropfenstein in Waltensburg

The Zumthor Chapel in Sogn Benedetg can be reached from us in a beautiful 90-minute hike.


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